Heavy Haul Truck with OVERSIZE LOAD using Wire Loop Flags and Staff Flags.

Safety is always at the top of any driver’s mind especially during a heavy haul. Not only are there additional risks involved during an OD haul, but there are state and local requirements to adhere to. Regulatory agencies want drivers to increase their safety and mitigate that risk by ensuring heavy haul trucks have certain equipment such as truck safety signs and truck safety flags. Unfortunately, depending on what state a driver is in, the requirements for signs and flags change. It’s always good to double check with your state’s department of transportation or find a credible source for quick reference.

Truck safety flags and warning flags come in different sizes, materials, colors, and mounting options. Drivers also want to make sure they are getting what they pay for and do not want to have to replace a flag during every fuel up.

Since the beginning, EZ Truck Store promotes quality, American Made products for the American Truck Driver. Ms. Carita SafeTruck has been making durable Truck Safety Flags for over 50 years. During a time when lots of companies are taking their product production offshore and overseas, the folks at Ms. Carita SafeTruck continue to try their very best to stay Made in America.

With the largest collection of truck safety flags on the market today, it won’t be difficult to find what’s needed to stay legal and stay safe during your haul. These warning flags are the best on the market. Their build quality outlasts the competition and won’t need to be replaced every time you pass by a truck stop.

Staff Flags

Red Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh Staff Flag (P/N: FS400CR)

EZ Truck Store carries all of Ms. Carita SafeTruck Staff Flags. These flags have sewn in pockets with a ¾” x 30” wood dowel and a double-stitched reinforced hem. There are four sizes, two colors, and four different materials to choose from.

There four sizes are 12”, 16”, 18”, and 24” in either red or fluorescent orange. With four materials to also choose from, these warning flags come in solid red cotton, flo-orange knit polyester, vinyl-coated mesh polyester, or fray-resistant knit polyester.

The solid red 7-ounce cotton and solid orange knit polyester safety flags are not recommended for highway use; however, there are custom printing options for these solid warning flags.

The Fray-Resistant Knit Polyester Jersey flags are great for highway use. These jersey flags are designed so when fraying happens, the material tangles up on itself to keep the flag lasting longer.

Bungee Flags

Red Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh Bungee Flag

Bungee Flags are great for most applications with its built-in heavy duty 3/8” bungee cord and flexible welting. The 2” vinyl-coated, heavy gauge steel hooks resists corrosion and won’t mar your truck or trailer’s paint.

Bungee flags are available in only 18” x 18” in either red or fluorescent orange. Like the staff flags, they come in four different materials: heavy 7-ounce poly/cotton twill, knit polyester, vinyl-coated polyester mesh, fray-resistant knit polyester jersey.

Grommet Flags

Red Grommet Jersey Truck Safety Flag

The Grommet Flags are double stitched with a reinforced hem and outfitted with two large #5 toothed grommets. Grommet Flags are extremely versatile due to how they attach to loads via the grommets. You can use rope, your own bungees, or flag-mags.

Depending on state requirements, these flags are also available in 12”, 16”, 18”, or 24” in either colors – red or fluorescent orange. The materials are also heavy 7-ounce poly/cotton twill, knit polyester, vinyl-coated polyester mesh, and fray-resistant knit polyester jersey.

The solid poly/cotton twill and knit polyester are not recommended for highway use like the fray-resistant knit polyester jersey flags.

Flo-Orange Jersey Flag with a Flag-Mag Spinning Carabiner on a Tire Rim

Wire Loop Flags

Wire Loop Flag attached to Excavator Track with Flag-Mag

The good ol’ Wire Loop Flags – these warning flags are great for attaching to machinery or trailers with flag-mags or flag straps. All flag sizes have heavy 10-gauge steel wire with ½” loops. The 16” and 18” flags also have plastic sleeves over the wire to protect the shoulder of the flag. Like the other flags, these are double stitched with a reinforced hem to ensure they last longer than other cheap flags out there.

Wire Loop Flags are available in three sizes – 12”, 16”, and 18” in either red or fluorescent orange. They come with four material options: heavy 7-ounce poly/cotton twill, knit polyester, vinyl-coated polyester mesh, and fray-resistant knit polyester jersey.

The solid poly/cotton twill and knit polyester are not recommended for highway use like the fray-resistant knit polyester jersey flags.

Other Flag Options

Having covered some information about traditional flags, sometimes a non-traditional flag may be a more desirable option. Depending on the driver’s needs and the load, a flag with a reflective stripe, the durable Max Duty Flag, or others may work out better for your heavy-duty haul.

Reflective Stripe Safety Flags can help identify heavy haul trucks and trailers and are perfect for low visibility conditions. These 1 3/8” PVC micro prism reflective stripes are only available on the fluorescent orange mesh. In addition to the reflective material, these safety flags have a black 5/8” edge binding to keep the edges from fraying. Available as bungee flags, grommet flags, staff flags, or wire loop flags, these flags are built to last and are great for highway use. 

Reflective Stripe Flo-Orange Staff Flag with black Edge Binding

The 18” x 18” Max Duty Flags with Reflective Trim are next generation heavy haul, truck safety flags. The new textileneÒ safety mesh which is a strong, vibrant knit material. The edges have a High Intensity Reflective Trim for added safety at night. These flags are only available in the 18” x 18” size in a hi-vis safety orange color, but are available in either style – bungee, grommet, staff, or wire loop.

18” x 18” Max Duty Staff Flag with Reflective Edge Binding

For construction vehicles working at airports, a special Airport Flag is required. These Airport Flags have strong grommets and a stitched pole pocket. They come in only one size – 36” x 36”.

Red/White Checkered Airport Staff Flag

The Out of Service Warning Flag is a great way to prevent accidental hook-ups to an out-of-service trailer. Ensuring the trailers are marked and noticed, these flags are made from high-visibility 18” fluorescent orange knit polyester and work great with flag-mags since they are wire loop flags.

Out of Service Flag with Flo-Orange Background

EZ Truck Store can also help facilitate custom printed flags from Ms. Carita SafeTruck. The print can have a company’s name, logo, phone number, etc. for branding needs. These flags have a minimum order of 100 pieces. Contact us at admin@eztruckstore.com for further details.


Whether it’s staff or grommet, red or orange, mesh or jersey material, Ms. Carita SafeTruck offers a wide selection of quality, American made truck safety flags for the Heavy-Duty Trucking Industry. EZ Truck Store just so happens to carry all of them, ensuring the driver on the road has what he or she needs to get the job done safely.