Bunkr Trailer CRC-3/8

Bunkr Trailer CRC-3/8" X 5"

Bunkr Trailer CRC-9/16

Bunkr Trailer CRC-9/16" X 8 1/4"

Bunkr Trailer CRC-7/16" X 5"

The Coil Rack Carrier provides a safe and secure place to store up to 10 coil racks. Bunkr's patented design allows the Coil Rack Carrier to be quickly mounted to the main trailer frame without drilling holes or welding.  1. Trailer main I-beam bottom flange thickness of 7/16" (X) 2. Trailer main I-beam bottom flange width of 5" (Y) Please note: There must be a minimum of 18 3/4" vertical clearance between the bottom of the trailer main frame I-beam to the bottom of the crossmembers below the deck to remove/install coil racks from coil rack carrier. Made in the USA
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