Complete Tractor Trailer Lock Kit

This TSK-587 kit includes

  • Trailer King Pin Lock...
Small Utility and Cargo Trailer Door Lock CTL-10 Cargo Trailer Door Lock
  • The CTL-10 is corrosion resistant as it is made from high quality die cast zinc
  • CTL-10 comes standard in a...
Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

The lock is made of cast steel with polyester powder coat. The keying mechanism is made from hardened steel chrome. Once...

Trailer Door Lock TL-10 Trailer Door Lock
  • Once in place, the locking mechanism and the trailer hasp are completely protected as it resists bolt cutters, saws...
Utility Brand Trailer Door Barrier Box Truck Lock- UTL-10B 2000R/3000R Trailer Utility Lock
  • The Utility Brand Trailer Lock is specifically designed for 2000R and 3000R Refrigerated Trailers
  • It is...
Tractor Cab Air Brake Lock TAB-10DP Tractor Cab Air Brake Lock
  • For Truck Security, the TAB-10DP protects idling trucks from theft by Completely Encasing the Air Valves...
Trailer King Pin Lock TKP-10DP Trailer King Pin Lock
  • The lock’s width deflects the fifth wheel plate of an attempting thief’s tractor
  • Comes with a convenient...
Trailer Glad Hand Lock - TGH-10DP Glad Hand Lock
  • The TGH-10DP Glad Hand Lock protects the trailer’s brake system hoses from being connected to
  • It can also be...
Trailer Door Lock Hasp
  • This Hasp works best with a Trailer Door Lock, TL-10
  • Non-corrosive & weather...
Puck Lock
  • This Puck Lock is esencial when leaving cargo alone for any amount of time
  • Designed to withstand brute force...
Puck Lock Hasp
  • This Hasp works best with a Puck Lock, PKL-10
  • Designed to withstand brute force from...

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