VeeBoards - Green 10 Inch

VeeBoards - Green 10 Inch

VeeBoards - Blue 10 Inch

10" VeeBoard with or without 4 1/2" slot for strap.

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  • These 10" VeeBoards are ideal for the dry wall industry and aluminum sheeting to protect your corners, anywhere where you only need to spread the load 10" and want to save your straps.  

  • Perfect for insulated steel sheeting, sheet rock etc.

  • Note the difference between VB11 and VB12 is that VB12 are SINGLE SLOTTED to allow a 4" strap to pass through.  

  • These VeeBoards are cheaper, safer and do not damage product as much as steel corners

  • Dimensions: 8"x8"x10" 

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