Who's EZ Truck Store?

31 Aug 2011

At EZ Truck we are a unique group of individuals with a vision to provide you with some very unique products and services. We believe in quality made products that will last; in turn saving the end user time and money. Most of our suppliers have already branded themselves within the industry with products that are tough and outlast the competition. Our team has simply made it a goal to provide you with a one stop shop for these products along with a customer service team that cares about your feedback and concerns.

Further, we are standing up against the social norm of today’s customer service department by breathing life back into the old saying: “The customer is always right.”--- Of course with reason we will ensure that EVERY customer understands that their problems or situations are of upmost importance to us.

Our core values include:

  • Excellence: To maintain the highest quality in everything that we do or provide the community
  • Passion: To be passionate about our products and our customer’s needs
  • Value: To value our customers thoughts, feedback, and problems as well as valuing our suppliers as partners in this venture
  • Balance: Being flexible to solve our customers problems while striving to connect them with products and services that fulfill their needs

At EZ Truck we stand for providing the customer with a service that solves their problems. We do this by providing them with products that are of the highest quality and will last, providing the public with a one stop shop for products that have been tested, tried, and are truly top of the line. Further, our process is simple and has a personal touch; e-mail us and you will not get an automated response. Don’t like e-mail? That’s okay, give us a call at our toll free number or visit our website and chat with a live person. Either way, we want to have contact with you to fully understand and support your stance. Bottom line is: We want to hear from you!

So... Why shop at EZ Truck Store? Shop with us if you would like an Oversize Load banner that lasts 10,000 miles, if you would like a Flag Mag that doesn’t come apart after two uses, if protecting your cargo with our theft prevention solutions that have never failed is important to you. Whatever the case may be for you or your fleet, EZ Truck Store is here for you.

Feel free to contact us at ANYTIME:


(855) 866-GO EZ (4639)

EZ Truck Store

PO BOX 164752

Ft. Worth, TX 76161



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